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We are an authorized UHAUL Dealer and have all of your moving needs covered – from boxes and packing materials to the trucks and trailers to haul them in.

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Moving Hints

Hint # 1. Reasons to use mattress covers when moving

  • Most moving trucks have aluminum floors that can oxidize your mattress and may also cause black marks on them! (You will be very, very upset if this should happen)
  • When Mattresses are loaded in the truck, they need to be loaded in the horizontal position NOT vertical!!! Reason being, as the truck is going down the highway, the center material could and may settle to the bottom of your mattress making it very lumpy and uncomfortable!
  • Also, when going to self- storage the same process should be used.

Hint # 2. Use Paper pads 54” x 60”

  • Reason most storage units are 10ft high (by different lengths) to get the maximum use of the space.
  • Put furniture on the floor of the unit then boxes on top of the furniture. (So your furniture does not get scratches on it)
  • Also note, a moving company or u- haul can not lend their cloth blankets for this purpose.

Hint # 3.

Always put 60 to 65% of load in the front half of your truck – this will make the truck easier to handle going down the road.

Hint # 4. When moving one way and staying in a motel/ hotel the following are some safety tips:

  • Put a round lock on the back of your truck or trailer handle.
  • When towing an auto transport or tow dolly, the chains that connect the trailer to the truck must be crisscrossed. (you should also place a round on these chains as well)
  • Round locks can not be cut with a bolt cutter, one would need to use a metal grinder.
  • When parking your truck / trailers overnight ask to be able to park as close to the office area as possible. Always back your truck/ trailer in a spot, do not pull into a parking space. Ask the office personnel to ask security to check on your equipment a night while they are patrolling the parking lot.
  • In most cases you should not let the truck get below 3/8s of a tank of fuel.
  • Try to fill up at a truck stop, as getting out of a regular convenience store is a hassle.

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